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5 Signs Your Heating System is in Need of Repairs

At Bryans Mechanical, we want to emphasize the importance of regular heating system maintenance. By taking the time to invest in routine maintenance throughout the year, you’ll benefit from less costly repairs and the peace of mind knowing that your property’s heating system will keep you comfortable all year round.

But if you’re beginning to notice your heating system isn’t performing like it used to, take note of the following five signs that you might need a heating repair in Nanaimo for your property:

  1. Your energy bills are rising
    If your heating bills increase with no changes to the outside temperature or the amount you use the system, that’s a bad sign. Your system should work efficiently and consistently. If your bill goes up for no reason, it means that your heating system is working harder and costing you more to get the same effect. 
  2. You notice hot and cold spots in your home
    Most central heating systems have a furnace that heats air. That air is then pumped through a series of ducts that run throughout your house. If the system was designed properly, there should be an even distribution of hot air throughout your space. If some spots of your home are colder than others, it might mean that the air isn’t circulating properly or that there is blockage somewhere in your ducts.
  3. You have bad air quality
    Along with generating hot air, most heating systems also filter the air it circulates to make sure there are no harmful contaminants being distributed throughout your home. If the air that is moving through your system smells strange or you notice something otherwise wrong with your air quality, it might mean that your heating system’s filtering system might need to be cleaned or even replaced.
  4. Your thermostat doesn’t seem to be reading the temperature correctly
    For your thermostat to work correctly, it needs to do two things: one is to control the temperature of the air from your furnace and the other is to accurately read the average temperature in your home. If you keep turning up your thermostat but don’t notice a change in the ambient temperature, it means that something has probably gone wrong with your thermostat’s ability to do one or both of its two jobs.
  5. Your pilot light is burning yellow
    Many furnaces have a pilot light that should always burn blue. Blue means everything is working properly. If you notice the pilot light burning a different colour (yellow is a common alternative) it means that some kind of contaminant has entered the air and is being burned by the pilot light.

Nanaimo’s Experts for Honest & Reliable Heating Repairs

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