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Warm-up in the colder months with the instant comfort of a Napoleon fireplace. Bryans Mechanical Ltd. is the fireplace services specialist bringing you gas fireplace installation in Nanaimo. We work with our expert fireplace partners to bring you the warmth and ambiance of Napoleon and Savannah fireplaces. We offer more than just gas fireplaces and have a range of products including electric, wood and outdoor. When you install a fireplace by Bryans Mechanical, you can rest assured that you will enjoy the reliable performance and unbeatable style. Call or stop by today to see our extensive selection and find the right style for your home.

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Why Choose an Electric or Gas Fireplace Installation in Nanaimo?

During the British Columbia winters, you want to ensure you always have a reliable source of heat for your home. Fireplaces provide extremely efficient heat and bring a cozy atmosphere to your home that a furnace can’t. You’ll love snuggling up next to the fireplace for a night of relaxation, and you’ll love even more the potential cost savings an electric or gas fireplace installation in Nanaimo could bring you. Choose to install a fireplace for all of the following reasons:

Increased home value

Fireplaces offer a great return on investment and could set your home apart from others should you ever decide to sell. Few features stand out quite like a warm, cozy fireplace to warm you during a frigid winter. Most potential buyers will see this as an added luxury to the home.

A cozy atmosphere

Fireplaces can greatly influence the look and feel of a room. There’s something comforting about a lit fireplace and many people find that it creates a great atmosphere in their home. You can customize your fireplace to give your home the appeal you want. Choose a sleek, modern design or you can mimic the look of a classic wood-burning option with a brick façade and mantel.

Environmentally friendly

Both electric and gas fireplaces have a small environmental impact. Even though gas is not a renewable resource, it is a clean-burning fuel, which will also keep emissions low. Meanwhile, electric fireplaces have the highest efficiency ratings of them all!

Stay Extra Cozy This Winter

Stay warm indoors during the winter months by installing a gas or electric fireplace for your heating needs today.